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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

On your designated weekly day our professionally trained crew will come and mow your lawn areas. We will weed wack around the perimeter of your property and any areas where our mowers can not access and edge along your walkway, curb, patio, and flower beds. When the lawn maintenance is completed our crew will blow clean all of your hard surfaces including the driveway, patio, walkways, and curb. We also make sure your gates are ALWAYS shut. If it rains on your scheduled weekly day our crew will come on the next dry day.


Spring Cleanups and Fall Cleanups

Our crew will come and clean up the leaves and sticks from all of your lawn areas and flowers beds. We will also remove any debris from any window wells and basement stairwells. All leaves and debris are hauled away in the back of our trucks, nothing is left at your curb! (unless other arrangements are made)


Mulch Installation

Our crew will come deliver and install top of the line triple shredded mulch. The mulch is installed at 2″ when we are top dressing existing flower beds to freshen the flower beds up. If we are creating new flower beds, we will install the mulch at 4″. Our crew will make sure the mulch is installed neatly and not mounded around plants or your home or office.


Landscape Design/Plantings

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will come in, sit down with you and design from scratch (or redesign your existing landscaping) with whatever your budget may be. We specialize in designing landscapes that will always be in bloom in Spring, Summer and Fall so your home or office always has that pop of color and curb appeal.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a key feature that compliments your existing landscaping. Installed along flower beds, walkways and patios landscape lighting enhances the use of your outdoor space and is used to highlight your key landscape features.


Bush Removal Services

Our crew will come in and remove your overgrown or unwanted bushes to make room for a new updated landscape.


Hedge Trimming Services

Our crew will come and professionally shape and trim all of the hedges and bushes on your property to enhance the beauty and health of your landscape.


Lawn care program

Our lawn care program is designed to take the guess work out of lawn care. Once a month from April to October our technician will arrive at your property to apply the correct application for that time of the year. If any other problems are seen during our visit they will be addressed while our technician is on the property.


Core Aeration & Over Seeding

Aeration has many benefits. It reduces water runoff and puddling, improves fertilizer uptake, creates stronger grass roots and reduces soil compaction. Aeration should be done every Fall when overseeding is done.


Lawn Thatching Services

Thatching your lawn has many benefits. Every lawn should have a healthy layer of thatch which acts as a barrier to conserve soil moisture and protect against big fluctuations in soil temperatures. A thin layer of thatch allows water and nutrients to reach the grassroots. Once the layer of thatch becomes too thick it becomes unhealthy and doesn’t allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots. Our crew will come in and remove the unhealthy layer of thatch. Usually, this is done on a yearly basis. 


Seed/Sod installation

Installing a new lawn from scratch can be done from either seeding or sodding. Depending on your property, if you have a sprinkler system, the amount of sunlight your lawn gets and budget we will determine if seeding or sodding is the best option for you.



Residential or commercial snow removal. Parking lots and driveways.



Spring turn-ons – Our trained technicians come to your property to turn on your water, inspect for leaks, test your clock, test each zone by the clock and manually, check each zone for leaks, check each sprinkler head, adjust each sprinkler head and set the clock to the correct date, time and watering schedule. If there are any repairs needed our technicians will go over the repairs with you before they are done. 


New Installations

Having a sprinkler system will allow you to keep your lawn and plants alive all year without dragging hoses around your property. Each system is designed specifically for that property. Smart systems are available where the scheduling and controlling is done from your phone, leaks and other alerts are sent to you from the sprinkler system.



Every Fall your sprinkler system needs to have the water blown out of the pipes to ensure nothing freezes and bursts over the winter. The clock should be shut off or un plugged as well.


Our Most Popular Services

• Spring Cleanups
• Hedge Trimming
• Plantings/Designs
• New Lawn Installations
• Sprinkler System Installation/Service
• Mulching

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